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Art. l.- The following is the internal Regulations of accommodation that is to be followed by the guest and HOTEL LAS BRISAS CHACALA with address at  Av. Chacallilla No.4 Chacala 63708 and anyone else that uses our services.

Art. 2.- Hotel Las Brisas Chacala is a place for family and peacefulness, for which reason it is prohibited to cause a scene, be scandalous, bother and or not respect the peace of other guests, doing so the guest is in violation of their accommodation contract and will be removed from the hotel immediately.

Art. 3.- Every individual that stays in this establishment is obligated to identify themselves and or register at the front desk . When the guests are arriving in a group reserved with anticipation their representative will fill out the registration form or will provide beforehand a list of all of the group members and their identification requirements. 

Art. 4.- The time of checking in (check-in) is set at 15:00 hours, and the time of departure (check-out) and eviction of room is set at 12:00 hours, of each day. If any guest stays within the room after that time they will be charged a full extra night of stay, with a consideration tolerance of 60 minutes. If you wish to change the departure date make sure to notify us beforehand at reception.

Art. 5.-The accommodation service must be paid in advance when it is less than 7 days, from which at arrival all guests must register and pay the remainder of their stay. If the guest does not pay on the accorded time & or does not follow the cancellation policy, he/she loses the right to use the room. The Administration will provide an invoice of the services provided & the total amount billed when asked for one by the guest. The hotel is not responsible for services hired outside of the establishment.

Art. 6.- When a guest uses the parking lot in our hotel, they must place their car in the assigned parking spot, our establishment is not responsible for parcial or complete damage of any vehicle and or for any objects left inside the vehicle. Any Vehicle that was not registered at the front desk will be removed from the parking lot, only one parking space is allowed per room.

Art. 7.- Guests do not have permission or the right to provide stay for anyone other than the people registered for the room and or without previous consent from administration, every case must follow through with the corresponding registration forms & pay the fee for the accorded stay. 

Art. 8.- If any guest is to become ill, the front desk staff will call a doctor and you can be treated within your room, if the sickness were to be contagious for reasons that our establishment has no control over, the guest will be transported at their own expense to whatever place is necessary. 

Art. 9.- The hotel is not responsible for objects of value forgotten, or lost by the guest on our property, objects left behind in a room by the guest will be kept in custody by administration for a period of 60 days, once concluded this period & no reclaim of any kind is made they will be disposed of.

Art. 10.- Under no circumstances is the guest allowed to have any kind of animal inside of the rooms.

Art. 11.- The establishment's rights as those of the guests is to report to the corresponding authorities any events that may be committing a crime or anything illegal and will be held accountable on their part and the involved and their possessions as long as the events have occurred within our property. 

Art. 12.- All complaints, or suggestions o praise of any sort must be written down at the front desk and handed in at suggestions with the administration, according to the requirements set by the secretary of tourism.

Art. 13.- The use of the furniture, clothing and other objects provided as a service, will be rational and moderate, taking the proper care when using them. All guests at the moment they leave their room is in obligation to leave their doors and windows locked and closed and faucets turned off, just as also return the keys to their room to the front desk. 

Art. 14.- Our establishment has taken precautionary measures by installing fire extinguishers in any case that events may happen and will be needed. 

Art. 15.- Guests must behave with decency and moral within our establishment, with it being prohibited to disrupt the order imposed, bother or make other guests uncomfortable, and or use the room for execution of any illicit act or game prohibited by law. It is strictly prohibited to introduce alcoholic beverages of any kind into the hotel. 

Art. 16.-  Within our service provided as a hotel there will be no discrimination of any sort for gender, sexuality, politics, religion, nationality or social status.The hotel can deny the guest service if found under the influence  of drugs, drunk or when the intention to use the room is different than that of just accommodation

Art. 17.- It is strictly prohibited to smoke inside any outside of the rooms according to the general health regulations and law for the control of tabaco use. If this rule is broken and not followed and the guest smokes inside of the rooms they are obligated to pay a fine of MX $400.00

Art. 18.- Any and all breaches of the internal regulations of accommodation by the guest will end in termination of the accommodation contract, without any legal liability to our business/ establishment. 

Atte. Admin. Hotel Las Brisas Chacala.

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